Niviventer tenaster Thomas, 1916

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Common names:

indochinese mountain niviventer (english)
- (thai)


  • Size: medium-sized rat,
  • Fur: Dorsum yellowish brown with dark brown spiny guard hairs. Ventrum white, sharply demarcated from dorsum (Lunde,2001).
  • Tail: Bicoloured dorsal surface of tail brown, often with a pale tip, ventral surface paler.
  • Mammae: 1 + 1 + 2

Ceropath specific assignment:

The specimen investigated by us was collected by a local hunter in Khammouane Province, Lao PDR by Vincent Herbreteau. This individual was caught on a forested limestone. It was initially identify as Niviventer sp.. Molecular likeness between our sample and three other DNA samples gently loan by Julie Feinstein from Ambrose Monell Cryo Collection and identify as Niviventer tenaster leads us to identify our sample similarly.


  • South of China (West Yunnan and Hainan),
  • West and South of Myanmar,
  • North West of Thailand (Chiang Mai Province),
  • South Laos. Ceropath confirm the presence of Niviventer tenaster in Khammouane Province,
  • Vietnam,
  • South Cambodia,


  • Habitat: Occurs above 1,000 m (Lunde, 2001), on forested limestone (V. Herbreteau, com.pers.).

Ambrose Monell Cryo Collection DNA samples studied references:

V_131 from Vietnam, vouchered as: AMNH 272521
dpl1569 from Vietnam, vouchered as: AMNH 274314
dpl1433 from Vietnam, vouchered as: AMNH 274178

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Recorded in
Ceroapth, as Niviventer tenaster
Jittapalapong, S (2009) as Niviventer sp.
Lunde, D (2001) as Niviventer tenaster
Lunde, D (2003) as Niviventer tenaster
Musser, G (1981) as Niviventer tenaster
Wilson, D (2005) as Niviventer tenaster
Taxonomic ranks
kingdom Animalia
phylum Chordata
class Mammalia
order Rodentia
superfamily Muroidea
family Muridae
subfamily Murinae
tribe Rattini
division Dacnomys
genus Niviventer
IUCN range map
champa Wilson, D (2005)
lotipes Wilson, D (2005)